August 13

Several of you have asked for an update the house across from me, and I refuse to disappoint.

After the roof was finished, the house sat silent for almost a week.

Well over a week.

I was getting worried that I would have to look at that awful porch and peeling paint for the rest of my days.

Then last Thursday, I heard this awful banging. It had been going on for some time, but I was totally unaware of my surroundings,  engrossed in blog reading.

Once I came out of my internet hole, the noise was quite loud and obnoxious, and being the nosy one I am, I went out to investigate.

Mr. Owner and his wife had pulled the railing off.

I was so happy…noise?  what noise?

By the end of the day, they had ripped off the flooring, pulled off screen doors, and had gutted the underside of the porch roof.

I love seeing the old foundation.

I wonder who laid the brick. Was he nice, was he old, was he happy to have a job, what year was it, did his wife make him a sandwich to take to work, did he wear old baggy pants with suspenders, did he have 8 children, what kind of sandwich did his wife send him?

Mr. and Mrs. Owner worked steadily over the weekend, and the house again stands silent.

One can only hope that they side it.

Maybe I could start a petition.