August 1


Whenever I watch a movie or read a book about long ago, (like Lord of the Rings) in the back of my mind I’m always wondering things like where did they use the loo, or how did they shower. And I KNOW that I can not be the only one.

For those of you who read my ramblings, I just KNOW ya’ll are wondering how Superman and I are managing to get clean.

I had plans of purchasing a shower thingie that are made for claw foot tubs.

Then I saw the price of those things and after the minor heart attack I got resourceful.

Enter quarter inch PVC pipe and 550 cord.


new shower1


I’ve always wanted one of those walk in showers that will hold 3 people at a time and now I have one. It is 5’x 5′ so I don’t even bump into anything.



new shower


Mine doesn’t have the gorgeous marble floors, or the subway tiled walls, but still….it is huge, and it is fun.


Kinda like showering at camp minus the gross fungus.



July 29



The father is reminding me to make a blog post.

I have been remiss for a reason.

Diesel, the kitten, has been doing one of 2 things for the last couple days.

1. Begging to be fed or
2. Curling up on my chest to sleep.

Both of those things are not conducive to editing pictures and typing up a blog post.

So..without further ado…

The dynamic duo was over Saturday to make more mess in my bathroom.

taking out the tub

A necessary mess, but a mess nonetheless.

They tore out the tub…which was the beginning and sole purpose of this remodel.


shimmed with cardboard

We all were functioning under the assumption that there was all kinds of nasty mold behind the shower.

Look ma! no mold. Just tar paper and a tub being shimmed up with cardboard.  Who shims a tub with cardboard?

resting on their laurals

After the tub was removed, they decided to take a break rest on their laurels pose for a union break picture.

Someone thinks they are funny.


After their “break”, they had to break up all the concrete that the stupid “lets shim the tub with cardboard” person put under the tub. ‘Cause why not???

tub will go

This is where the linen closet used to be and where the new tub will reside.

outside looking in

After almost all the walls were disseminated, we found that there is no insulation in the outside walls. Not even horse hair or newspaper…nothing. My house is more screwed up than previous thought.

lone hold out

The last hold out is my throne. I’m hoping that they won’t take that out until it must be removed, then promptly deposited back where it goes.



July 22




It all started out innocently enough.

Last Tuesday I went to the Coshocton County Animal Shelter to pick up a coupon to get Superman’s kitten fixed. I have always fixed every cat I’ve had. I think it is just good animal ownership to do so.

And whenever I go to the CCAS (which is rare because  SUCKER FOR ANIMALS  is stamped firmly on my forehead) I always find myself in the cat room.

This time they had a bazillion kittens. I counted.

And really who can resist a sweet kitten. Not even the boy who is allergic picks up kittens and loves on them.

So I’m in the kitten room and this little sweetheart stands in front of me meowing so piteously.

I picked it up to love on it and it wound itself around my neck over and over and when I tried to put it down, the little bugger hung on for dear life.

I took it as a sign.




When Superman got home he just looked at me, shook his head, sighed and asked so what are we callin’ this one?

We came up with Sapphire, Velvet, Rosemary and Saffron.

Because we couldn’t agree, I asked my peeps on FB to choose.   It was a tie between Velvet and Saffron.   Superman chose Velvet.

I tried calling it Velvet, but it just didn’t stick.   Lily popped into my head and that one stuck.   Fiiinalllly!

Then because the sweet thing refused to eat or drink, I took her to the vet.   Only to have the vet inform me that she was a he.

Lily was out. Crud!

We’ve been searching for a name for this poor boy for the entire week.

So far he has been called…






and last but not least  Stupid Bugger.

Again, none of these have stuck.


So I have been talking to my good friend Google for ideas.

Google hasn’t been much help.

I’m stuck on Diesel and Isis. Yes, yes…Isis is a girls name…but it really is a great name!?!?!? Right???


July 21



I don’t think my Grandma Teal knew this, but she lived by the motto…

Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make do.
Do without.

I do too unless….it comes to jewelry…then I’m all “the bigger! the better! gimme…gimme…gimme..”

I love finding ways to “make do” without having to inconvenience myself. Because LAZY!

And that is exactly what I’m having to do with this bathroom remodel.

no sink

Seriously? How does one go about washing their pee-pee hands without a sink???

Well, Kirs bought me a pitcher and bowl. Perfect!

Now I just need to figure out where to put it.

I also am now doing my hair and other bathroom things sitting on my bed. Not convenient, but it works.




One thing I’m truly loving about this is that they took up the floor and I finally got to see the lovely hard wood floor underneath all that sub floor.

I love old houses and love seeing them restored to their original state. I go in there an wonder who lived here first? Who was the little girl that lived in that room?

I would totally love to get a sander and make it beautiful again.


closet floor


Alas, there are holes everywhere and I don’t have the funds to buy replacement boards for under the tub.



The dynamic duo has made a huge, huge, messy-mess in the girl’s old bedroom.


I’m choosing to ignore it. Ignorance is bliss…and I’m choosing to be blissed out.

In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy still being able to use the toilet and shower till next Saturday when they will be gone….wherein I will be hard pressed to find a way to uninconvenience myself of not having a toilet upstairs, and have to go to the basement and use the makeshift shower that has yet to be built.

July 14


Having watched HGTV and Rehab Addict, I had some idea of what to expect when my bathroom began to be torn apart.


linen closet


One thing I didn’t count on is not having a mirror.

Even though I don’t need it to brush my teeth, it is a little unnerving to stare at R-13 insulation while I scrub my teeth…quietly hoping that nothing comes crawling from behind it.

And then there is the whole…hair fixing thing.  The “I need to squeeze a zit” thing.   The “do I have more grey hair” thing.  The” do I have bags under my eye”s thing.  I use a teeny tiny mirror for that.  Smaller mirror = less grey, less zits, less bags.  It is a win win.





Another thing I didn’t think I’d have to deal with quite yet was the no door factor.

It isn’t that big of a deal, I just miss my hook on the back of it to hang my towel.

The last thing I didn’t really give much thought to was where to put all the crap I had in the bathroom.


crap in bedroom 1

Oh look…it decided to make its new home in the bedroom.

crap in bedroom

The good news is I still have a place to sleep.

Yay me.

July 7

Did everyone have a good weekend?
Were you wowed by all the fireworks?

I must be a party pooper because even though they are pretty, it really isn’t something that I get all gushy about.  And then there is the whole “we can set off fireworks at our house at midnight and keep the neighbors awake too” thing that is kinda a turn off.

I’m old.

I need my sleep.

Stop making noise after 10pm neighborhood.


What I am gushy about is my bathroom remodel.

Before 3

But why, you ask, would you want to remodel a perfectly good bathroom?
Maybe because it looks like the 1990’s threw up pink all over it.
And Internets, we all know that pink is my favorite color but not all over bathroom walls with fru-fru wall paper.

We have been living in this house for over 12 years and I have wanted to rip that wall paper off since the minute I moved in.

If it were only the wall paper, I could probably go another 12 years because LAZY.   But it isn’t just the wall paper.


Before 2

It is also the rusty lights.

They are yucky.

And the mold behind the tub, and trim, and everywhere else I don’t want it to be.

It is yucky.

Before 4

The floor is also starting to get all yucky too.
I don’t do yucky.
So, 12 years later I finally got up off my lazy butt and hired someone to do it for me.
That is just the way I roll of late.


Here is one half of the William Thomas Property Management team that I hired.

Already working hard and getting dirty…so I don’t have to.

March 25

Some things I learned over the weekend.

♥ When the ER doc is really really really concerned and orders you to go to a big city hospital, do not pass go do not collect $200, you do it.

♥ Only you do pass go, stop at home to collect a change of clothes, some knitting, your kindle, and meds because who knows how long you’ll be away. You also call and beg your neighbor to take care of your animals.

♥ Driving to a big city at 3am is easy…no traffic.

♥ Big city hospitals are BIG. And they have to pay for all that space somehow. So they charge $10 to park in a parking garage very far from the ER entrance.

♥ Trying to park in a city parking garage at 3 am is easy. No one is at the ER, so you get the closest space.

♥ The only way to get into the ER is through a metal detector, and 4 policemen. They will search through your purse and question you as to why you have 3 .22 bullets in your purse. They will also ask you if you have anything sharp or pointy in your bags. When you respond knitting needles, they will then proceed to DIG to the very bottom of your knitting bag, sift through your underwear, etc to find them. Your welcome. Because we all know that fat girl granny panties is exactly what does it for 26 year old cops working the graveyard.

♥ Around hour 17 of your 48 hour protection deodorant things get a little dicey, and by hour 19 things are down right whiffy. False advertising UNILEVER.

♥ When you haven’t slept or bathed in over 24 hours, you begin to look like a cast member of The Walking Dead.

♥ When you’ve been awake for 30+ hours, the cold hard floor of an ER room is a lot more comfortable than you think.

♥ When your room is smack dab next to the trauma bay, you hear all manner of things you wish you hadn’t.

♥ Lastly, animals become antsy when humans are gone from home so long. Messes are made to tell you they disapprove.

Moral of the story, when you think your going to be gone longer than 12 hours, be sure to slip some deodorant into your purse.

February 10




~~~I love lasagna.   Especially the way Superman makes it.   He hasn’t made it in years.  Generally when he makes it, he uses almost every pot, pan, spoon, bowl and dish we have then expects me to clean it up.

Fugetaboutit!  That is just not part of the lazy life style I have come to enjoy, but the cravings…they wouldn’t go away.   I’ve been wracking my brain for something that meets all the pasta/meet/sauce/cheese requirements that leaves me with little to no clean up.  Meat filled ravioli.   Bingo.   So, I made “lasagna” last night replacing the noodles and meat with that.   It took me all of 5 minutes to get it all in the dish…and the second best thing of all……there was noooo cleanup.   Muahahahahaha.  The best thing was that it tasted just like lasagna.   The brilliant award goes to me!


~~ I put Vaseline on my feet every morning in the winter.   I heart Vaseline.  So does my dry feet.   So does my cat Sebastian.  He is weird.


~~ Superman’s car is in the shop.   Which means that not only did I shuttle the girl around all weekend, but Superman too.  I’m going to invest in a taxi meter.


~~ Even though everyone and their brother is sick unto death of the snow, I’m rather enjoying driving in it.   Mainly so I can park my car.   The city plowed my car in.   Then the neighbor man with his little plow on the front of his 3-wheeler shoveled even more snow all around.   Superman had to push me through the first time, but now there is a wee path that I can drive on.   Sooooo fun.   And when I park at night, the little path that I have made is not always visible so I slide into my spot like a stunt car driver.     Takes me back to when I used to go mudding in Missouri.


~~ I have a new favorite cereal.   Frosted flakes.    Superman told me you are what you eat, so he gets pork butt for supper tonight.



January 20



Hello Monday.   Even after I’ve banned you from the calendar, you continue continue to show up.  Take the hint.   Your not wanted!


I have a new cat.  His name is Sebastian, and he is one ugly cat.  Tried to get a picture of the boy, but he just won’t sit still.

The girl brought him over 2 months ago.   He was cold, dirty and flea infested.   She and her sad puppy dog eyes begged me to take him in.   I said no.   I didn’t want fleas in the house, but I relented insofar as I put a can of cat food outside for him to eat.

His mewing was pitiful.   Stab you in the heart pitiful.

So the next day I brought him in.  Contrary to popular opinion I’m not heartless.   Superman tells me I’m a marshmallow filled with marshmallow fluff.

He promptly got a flea bath and was quarantined in his own room for over a month till the fleas died.

There in that quarantined room I fell in love with the bugger.

He now has taken over the house.   The oldest cat puts up with him because he makes her put up with him.   The middle cat is bigger than he is and she whomps him all the time.


In other news….well…there isn’t really any other news.   Life is slow and boring here at the house of chocolate.   Until Sebastian decides to play ‘tackle the other cats at CC’s feet’.  Both my legs bare the marks of said “fun”.



November 11



A long time ago, about 21 years to be exact, I had this marvelous coat. It was hunter green. It was fleece. It was perfect. The pockets were perfect. The fit was perfect. The amount of warmth it provided was perfect. I loved that coat.


One day I noticed that the pocket was torn, so I sewed it up. Superman saw me doing that and suggested it was time to get a new coat. I protested…mightily. Through sheer will I made that coat last another 2 years. Superman still had no idea how many times I sewed up various parts of that coat when he wasn’t around. Finally he made me throw it away…under MUCH weeping and gnashing of teeth.  I still remind him of that coat from time to time…but I’m not bitter.


Over the years I have had other beloved items. Particularly sweaters. The one I’m wearing right now is one of them. It used to be a lovely rose color. Now it is a …uh…dusty faded pink, and has some slight bleach spots on the arms, but it fits perfect. The pockets are perfect. The amount of warmth it provides is perfect. Suuuurrre it is pilly in some places and snagged in many others, but it still is perfect.


3 days ago the girl pointed out that I have a hole in the back of it. Fortunately Superman doesn’t know yet. He doesn’t know that I’ve already sewed up one of the pockets, and today….today I’m sewing up that hole. I can make this one last AT LEAST another 2 years before he gets a hold of it.

October 28


Hello Monday.

Just so you know, next Monday I’ll be much happier because I will have acquired one more hour of sleep, thank you daylight savings time.

Saturday Superman and I were discussing the fact that he hasn’t had any tickets/wrecks in quite some time, and I had to brag that I hadn’t been on the receiving end of a ticket since about 14 years ago…pat myself on the back.

Sunday I was driving up to the parents. I was blasting some Carrie Underwood and singing at the top of my lungs because Carrie Underwood is great to belt songs with. Had I a hair brush that would have been my microphone. I saw some flashing lights in my rear view. Didn’t even cross my mind that they were for me…until they didn’t stop. oopsie

Well, Mr. Babyface Officer said I was doing 43 in a 25. I think Mr. Babyface just wanted to see me smile, because his radar HAD to be miscalibrated. I don’t drive fast. Mr. Babyface, don’t hand people $90 tickets and then tell them to have a nice day. Your words are futile.

October 1




The word just inspires peace.

Want to see some more peace?

Sunset on 9_30

This is the view outside our room. Actually I was standing inside our room to take the picture.

crane with fish

This crane has been here since we have. It is so funny to watch.

Inn at corolla light

This is where we are staying. Our room is 3rd from the left side.

Beach 9_30


You are allowed to drive on the beach. It is the coolest thing EVER. Except for the view, and the jacuzzi tub, and the everything else.

September 30


Hello Monday.   I’m for once happy to see you.   You see Monday…on vacation… is a beautiful thing!


Before we left on vacation, I consulted my good friend Google for directions on how to navigate to Corolla, NC.  Google was great up to a certain point.


Then I totally feel that Google was misled, because I KNOW Google would never steer me wrong.


Go I 77 south…check


Take 64 E…check


Take exit 177 for I 295…uhhh….I don’t see that Superman!   NO, wait…264 and 295 are the same thing.   Panic averted…check


Hey!  Navigator what do I do now?


SM squints at the instructions…then, because he can’t see them, he hands my phone to me as I’m speeding down I264/295 doing 70 and being passed by all.    Dude!  I’m driving here!   Your gonna have to read it to me!


Take exit 15B to go I64 W…huh?  Okay…exit 15B it is.  Only….we are not on I 64…but we are going west, when we are supposed to go south, huh…SM!  Wake up!  I don’t know where to go.  I don’t know where we are going!!   SM!!!!!


Squint, squint, tries to hand my phone over.   CC is now in full panic mode.


Take exit 291 B to merge with 168 S Great Bridge/Nags Head  Okay.   I’m looking for the ever elusive exit  only there isn’t a 291.   CC continues to drive, panicked and nauseous.  Superman tries to go back to sleep, but OH NO!   If I’m panicked, then he is going to panic with me!  It is only fair.


Finally I see 168 S.  Whew….only not.


I turn us on to 168 S Business route.   At least we found a Walmart to stop at, get me something that I had forgot to pack, and get directions.  Real directions GOOGLE.  Real directions.


More driving.  More muttering under my breath.   More looking for a Great Bridge/Nags Head exit.   Hey Google!   They don’t have that sign up anymore.   Ya might want to redo some directions,,,,


Finally we see a sign for Great Bridge, so I follow that one, thinking that at least now I’m going south instead of west.  And Hey!  Google!  168 turns into 158.   Might want to tell the next people this so they don’t try to kill their navigator.   It would save some angst…lots of angst.


But we made it.   It is lovely here and SM wants to move here.


We ate at a fabulous Italian restaurant last night.   The waitress was Russian.   She said she moved here because she fell in love.   Obviously she is a spy.   Seriously.   Hasn’t anyone watched CSI, NCIS, or SVU?









September 23


I was cold yesterday. Anyone who knows me, knows I RARELY get cold. If anything for the last year or so I’ve been overly hot and the back of my hair is usually wet with all the sweating perspiring glowing I’ve got going on.  Even in the winter people.  THE WINTER!   Yesterday however I was wrapped in a down blanket, kitten under the blanket laying on my feet, Superman snuggled against me and I was STILL cold.   I’m even  cold this morning.

Confession time:   It has been a week since I have run the vacuum.   Slacker city, I know.   Please don’t ask how long it as been since I have dusted.   It is shameful!

Last night Superman almost had a heart attack.   His beloved DVD/blueray player stopped working.   I know.  The HORROR!   He put in movie after movie trying to convince himself that it was just a particular DVD that was messing with it.   He rearranged HDMI cords, and for a half an hour he fussed and tried to fix it.   Much to his despair.   I kept telling him that it was okay sweetie.  That we could get another one….but it would be awhile.   He was not comforted.   Finally…finally he unplugged it and plugged it back in.  Voila!  It is working.  Crisis averted and now I don’t have to purchase another DVD player.   Whew!

September 18

The Scene

Dark bedroom. CC is tossing and turning. She has hardly gotten any sleep. The horrendous noise of an alarm sounds. Superman grunts to get up to turn off the violent noise.

CC: Be careful, the cat barfed on the floor.

SM: mfffhff

The alarm is turned off.

SM: (squish) Your right she did.

CC: ewwwwwwwww (laughing…and laughing…and laughing, rolls over and goes right to sleep for 4 lovely hours)

September 16


Hello Monday.   I’m so glad to see you today.

Saturday the girl and her man got married.

kirs and rj_blog

It was a lovely ceremony. But it wasn’t without its hiccups.

~~ the music didn’t start on time, so we were all late coming down the isle

~~ when it did, it was the wrong music

looking away_blog

~~ my sister in Nebraska Skype’d the ceremony, only to have her laptop do a windows update smack in the middle of the vows which prompted her to call me to tell me about it in. the. middle. of. the. ceremony. Yes, that was me answering the phone in the middle of a wedding. Rude, CC, RUDE!

Irregardless of that,

~~ the bride was stunning


~~ the flower girls were adorable

brad and i_blog

~~ the mother of the bride cried

~~ the boy took pictures, and sadly all the pictures of Superman and I with the bride and groom were fuzzy…bummer


~~ the reception was lovely

~~ the food was fabulous

wedding cakes

~~ the cakes were beautiful


~~ the grandmother of the bride was beyond THE. BEST. EVER!!!

~~ I’m so glad that it is over. Let the grandchildren begin!

August 19


Laying in bed this morning I had a wonderful question to ask y’all.

Unfortunately the brain deleted it. I have been sitting here for about 10 minutes trying to remember. I just know I’ll remember in about 2 hours.

I was doing some research on BVO in Mountain Dew trying to show Superman that it really isn’t smart to drink it….because 1. drinking oil??? ewwwwwwww and 2. fire retardant??? ewwwww

It led me to this which says that PepsiCo uses aborted fetal cells in flavor research and in their products to make it taste better. Senomyx says “Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.” however “What they don’t tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 — human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors”.

I think I’ll stick to water.