March 4

Hello March.
Nothing like knowing Spring is closer and you dump all manner of snow and ice all around me.   I might have nicer feelings toward you if you…you know…made it warmer!

~~I’m going on a cruise.   Yes, Internets, I will be leaving the country for warmer climes….in September.    
Why…why…why didn’t mom the powers that be choose March?

I know that you will recognize my zeal for the cold weather as I share it with you every. single. winter.

Thank you sarcasm. I feel better now.

~~I have begun exercising with a friend of mine. We are doing something called PiYo. It isn’t that bad as there isn’t a huge impact on joints.

Can anyone tell me why they don’t have fat people doing exercise videos? Seriously! The dude has a 12 pack, the one woman (a mother of 2) has a 6 pack and the leader is to perky for her own good. I’d even settle for someone a size 12…or 14.
Someone needs to be jiggling besides me!

February 8

Lessons learn in the last couple weeks.

* Habits…even good ones can land you in trouble.   I always lock my car doors.   Last week when it was all snowy and icy I got into my car, started it, turned on the defrost, grabbed the scraper, got out and unthinkingly out of habit locked the car doors.   I swept snow and scraped ice.   Happy to be done and ready to be on my way I tried to get into the car.   Doors locked.   Car running.   Late for an appointment.  This equals you calling the local tow company to come help…for a nominal fee of $35.

*  The song we were taught in Sunday School….”oh be careful little eyes what you see…little ears what you hear…little hands what you do…little mouths what you say”…I never understood it when I was little.   It was just fun to sing.   But now…now as I’m older I realize things that have been seen, can’t be unseen..things said can’t be unsaid…damage done can not be undone.   It can be repaired, but never undone.

*  Trust no one with your thoughts or feelings….at least the really important ones that you don’t want repeated.  Those that you expect to keep confidences don’t always.

*  When your gut tells you not to watch that ISIS video…don’t.

* Cat’s, when left up to their own devices for any length of time, will make a mess.

*  “You got to know when to hold’em, fold’em, walk away, run”  doesn’t always apply to poker.

*  Just because it looks like the flu, sounds like the flu, acts like the flu doesn’t necessarily mean it is the flu.

*  Lastly, when you purpose to be healthier and drink more water, buy extra toilet paper.   You WILL need an over abundance.

January 21

Hey Internets!

It has been rather a long week already.  Why?   I don’t know but I feel like it should already be Friday.

Superman is ill.   He just went to the doc this morning.   Sinus infection.

*mini rant* 

People, if you are ill…stay home. Cold?  STAY HOME!  Flu?  STAY HOME!    I don’t care if you ARE feeling better due to OTC drugs…STAY HOME!  You are still contagious!!!   You have no idea the amount of people you are infecting!! You can be infecting a healthy adult that has to go home and take care of an elderly parent, or has a child with a weakened immune system, or me.   I don’t want to be ill!!  STAY HOME!!!!

*thus endeth my mini rant…that I have been ranting about for 2 weeks now*

Superman’s vehicle is also out of commission.   It was recalled for a faulty ignition switch in August.  It failed miserably at 2 am.   2am Superman wakes me out of a dead sleep to come get him.   There should be some form of punishment for doing that to a person…but he is ill so I’ll give him a pass.

The dealership said it would take about 1½-2 weeks to just get the part in.   So while I can drop the man off at work, he will have to walk home…unless someone would be willing to either bring him home or let us borrow a vehicle.   I use mine to much to not need another one.

The contractors painted my bathroom.  The entire time daddy was up there painting I was second guessing myself on the colors I had chosen, but I must admit…I did a pretty good job.   My bathroom is gorgeous.  The medicine cabinet is hung, and a few other things were put back in.   I’m getting more and more excited.

No pictures from here on out.   I want it to be a surprise.

January 14

Hey there Internets!

I’ve been meaning to update for awhile now, but I haven’t been on the computer as much as normal.

I’ve been purging stuff, and rearranging stuff, and knitting stuff, and … stuff.

But enough about stuff!

Internets…the smell of paint is in the house!!!

A couple weeks ago, the boy stripped most of the paint off the window trim.  Low and behold there is quarter sawn oak under all that paint.  Quarter. sawn. oak!!!   Dear Victorian house builder and subsequent women of the house…what? were? you? thinking? painting all that gorgeous wood?!?!?!

Last week, the boy put primer on 3/4 of the walls.   No more pink walls!   Yippee…

December 8

Hey there Internets.


My contractors are finished with all manner of surgery recovery so they were back Saturday.


I have no pictures of what they did because…seriously?   who wants pictures of drying mud?


I am, however, sad about this.

Broken door

This is the bathroom door.

A 100+ year old bathroom door.

A solid oak door that was original to the house.

And it is broken. Beyond my financial means to repair it.

I have been watching way to much Rehab Addict.

November 10


Internets! Chocolatechic has been doing a happy dance for 2 days now.

This is why.

My shower is finally usable.


shower is in


You can also see that my sink has been put in as well.

You never realize just how awful brushing your teeth in the kitchen sink is till you can’t reach the faucet to rinse your mouth out.


slight leak


One little hitch in the whole shower thing. There is a wee leak. At this point I’m not caring so much about the wee leak ’cause Internets…no more dungeon showers!!!


Happy dancing all the way to the shower.


I’ll never… ever take a shower for granted again!


October 6


Hi Internets!

The contractors were back in full force Saturday and they got some stuff done!

I’d do the happy dance, but CC doesn’t move that well anymore.

So…here is what all got done…


taped off

The window frame was taped off so that the trim could be stripped.



The light switch was wired in. Which I’m ever so grateful for. I’d go in to use the loo in the middle of the night and all these wires were sticking out like a hand ready to grab me.   Which is kinda creepy in the middle of the day, but at night when you are mostly asleep the creep factor multiplies.


exhaust fan

They also hooked up the exhaust fan. They hooked up the light too, but I’m not showing it because well….I want to show it off later.

Uh…dad…are the fins supposed to be bent like that???



The shower doors were brought in as well.  Hopefully that means they are closer to installing said doors.   When the shower is actually ready to use, I really will do a happy dance.