July 22

    Internets….sigh…. It all started out innocently enough. Last Tuesday I went to the Coshocton County Animal Shelter to pick up a coupon to get Superman’s kitten fixed. I have always fixed every cat I’ve had. I think it is just good animal ownership to do so. And whenever I go to the CCAS … Continue reading July 22


  My friend Deb posted her random Monday.   She suggested that we whine.   I generally don’t do that here on the Internets.   The people at home get to hear it.   I’m going to give them a break, so for your reading pleasure I’m gonna whine.   ~~  Weather!   It is cold, then … Continue reading 2/11

August 21

The house stood quiet for the rest of last week. I knew that they weren’t finished. I just knew that they ~~please, please, please~~couldn’t be finished fixing the house up. Mr. and Mrs. Fixit didn’t fail me. Sunday morning at 7:07am I heard cordless drills, drilling and hammers whacking. Please! 7am?? At 8 am, (I … Continue reading August 21

August 4

On my street there are 15 houses. 10 of them are middle class Victorian homes, and the other 5 are 1940-50’s ranch’s. All of the houses are well kept except one. It is a blight on the neighborhood, and anyone who has come to my house knows exactly which house I am talking about. Across … Continue reading August 4

June 27

Last week, Roscoe Village had their history tour for free. I like free, so atouristing we went. Roscoe Village was a port on the 308-mile Ohio & Erie Canal, which opened in 1832 and connected Cleveland to Portsmith. Work on the canal began in Cleveland to enable merchants to ship goods from the New York … Continue reading June 27