March 15

Oh…Dorie, Dorie, Dorie….how I love it when you start a recipe with “In a bowl, rub the zest of an orange/lemon with the sugar till it is fragrant” But then you have to ruin it by saying “fold in the dried currants/cherries/raisins/other dried fruit”. CC does not like her sweets to try to look like … Continue reading March 15

May 23

Last week I shared with you —-> here my feelings on lemon. What I didn’t completely express is just how much I heart lemon cake. I’d rather have lemon cake than chocolate cake. Don’t faint dead away, Internet. You have to read the rest of my blog. I have only had lemon cake a handful … Continue reading May 23

Last week, the boy wanted to make something special for breakfast. I am all for that, so I said “bake away”. So he did. He made Raspberry Cream Cheese Braid…only not. In your mixing bowl, mix water, yeast, sugar and flour. This is going to make a ‘starter’ of sorts. Cover it and set it … Continue reading