October 7

I have been telling my crew that I would post pictures of my beloved front porch now for months.   MONTHS!

Slacker….I’ve become the worst slacker ever!

In my defense, I just haven’t felt very witty, pithy or even remotely like sharing anything…with anyone…for any reason.

I’ve become an information hoarder.

So here, without wit or pith, is my post about my front porch.

done for the day

It was a mess y’all.

looking into the storage closet

Old ply wood for the floor.

rotten beam

Rotten headers underneath.


Mice had even made a nest in all that lovely insulation….shudder.

My cats have not been doing their job!  Yet I continue to feed them.  I see the problem lies with me.   Sigh…

new decking

But salvation was near….a new floor was laid.

taking out the stairs

Nasty front concrete stairs busted.

sweeping up

Messes swept up.

finished porch

And I have a glorious new front porch!  With a dangling down spout.

my crew

And all the credit goes to my crew!   2 of the best men I know and love…heart and soul!!