July 14


I promised a blog post yesterday to a couple people. However, by the end of the day after everything had calmed down my brain had decided to quit functioning.

You see I have the stress Internets, and I have it in spades.

CC’s systems shut down and she has had to fire up the back-up generator to keep all basic life support systems functioning.

Then I was going to post this morning, but the stress called about 9:30 am.

Danger Will Robertson…Danger!!!

However, y’all are here for a different reason entirely.


Before 3

Do y’all remember this?!?  

Neither do I.  

Now it looks like this!


Final look

This …

Before 2

This has become…


And this

Before 1

is now a closet.  

There are so special things that make this room scream CC!.


beveled mirror

This medicine cabinet in all its cherry finished ornate glory.

mirror detail

Just look at all that fancy!

And the beveled glass!

And the curves.

Curves are a huge theme in this bathroom.


Curvy pedestal sink…as per a Victorian era home dictates.

new toilet

Curvy toilet…as per CC dictates…along with a fancy-schmancy handle.

Nothing was left out.

light fixture

Not the light fixture.

bath fixture

Not the shower fixtures.


trim detail

Not the wall trim details.

baseboard trim detail

And certainly not the baseboard trim details.


door knob_key

I even have a skeleton key.  This alone makes my insides all mushy.

I also had my crew strip all that nasty white paint off the trim.

trim under all that paint

And had wooden blinds ordered to match the stain.


This last piece of furniture just makes the room complete.



Please take note that this mirror is beveled as well. Again…mushy insides!!!

The last detail I want to point out is this little spot here.

where cats will sit

See it? The corner right there….

That is where my cats will invade my space, make a nuisance of themselves, and put hair everywhere.   Which is just fine by me as this room is now a sanctuary of peace, tranquility and all things CC.