March 4

Hello March.
Nothing like knowing Spring is closer and you dump all manner of snow and ice all around me.   I might have nicer feelings toward you if you…you know…made it warmer!

~~I’m going on a cruise.   Yes, Internets, I will be leaving the country for warmer climes….in September.    
Why…why…why didn’t mom the powers that be choose March?

I know that you will recognize my zeal for the cold weather as I share it with you every. single. winter.

Thank you sarcasm. I feel better now.

~~I have begun exercising with a friend of mine. We are doing something called PiYo. It isn’t that bad as there isn’t a huge impact on joints.

Can anyone tell me why they don’t have fat people doing exercise videos? Seriously! The dude has a 12 pack, the one woman (a mother of 2) has a 6 pack and the leader is to perky for her own good. I’d even settle for someone a size 12…or 14.
Someone needs to be jiggling besides me!

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3 thoughts on “March 4”

  1. Be glad you are not in a room full of mirrors. I hated that when I used to go to work out ( a millenium ago). Keep at it Tanya. Do a few for your old decrepid Aunt Cindy

  2. Hi there! How cool to ‘see’ you again. I googled the place where I had my first job and my comment that I typed to you 7 years ago came up in the search! That was fun to see. My comment to you asking about people’s first jobs was “My first job was in Oklahoma City – I grew up there! :mrgreen: I lived there from 1970 to 1986. I worked at Jim Dandy Fried Chicken (59th & South May) for about two years, until it closed down. I loved their chicken and jalepeno chicken & rice. If I could copy that recipe, I would.” You said you lived in OKC from 1985 to 1986. I hope that you are doing well. Long time since the days of CHK. Hugs!

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