February 8

Lessons learn in the last couple weeks.

* Habits…even good ones can land you in trouble.   I always lock my car doors.   Last week when it was all snowy and icy I got into my car, started it, turned on the defrost, grabbed the scraper, got out and unthinkingly out of habit locked the car doors.   I swept snow and scraped ice.   Happy to be done and ready to be on my way I tried to get into the car.   Doors locked.   Car running.   Late for an appointment.  This equals you calling the local tow company to come help…for a nominal fee of $35.

*  The song we were taught in Sunday School….”oh be careful little eyes what you see…little ears what you hear…little hands what you do…little mouths what you say”…I never understood it when I was little.   It was just fun to sing.   But now…now as I’m older I realize things that have been seen, can’t be unseen..things said can’t be unsaid…damage done can not be undone.   It can be repaired, but never undone.

*  Trust no one with your thoughts or feelings….at least the really important ones that you don’t want repeated.  Those that you expect to keep confidences don’t always.

*  When your gut tells you not to watch that ISIS video…don’t.

* Cat’s, when left up to their own devices for any length of time, will make a mess.

*  “You got to know when to hold’em, fold’em, walk away, run”  doesn’t always apply to poker.

*  Just because it looks like the flu, sounds like the flu, acts like the flu doesn’t necessarily mean it is the flu.

*  Lastly, when you purpose to be healthier and drink more water, buy extra toilet paper.   You WILL need an over abundance.