January 21

Hey Internets!

It has been rather a long week already.  Why?   I don’t know but I feel like it should already be Friday.

Superman is ill.   He just went to the doc this morning.   Sinus infection.

*mini rant* 

People, if you are ill…stay home. Cold?  STAY HOME!  Flu?  STAY HOME!    I don’t care if you ARE feeling better due to OTC drugs…STAY HOME!  You are still contagious!!!   You have no idea the amount of people you are infecting!! You can be infecting a healthy adult that has to go home and take care of an elderly parent, or has a child with a weakened immune system, or me.   I don’t want to be ill!!  STAY HOME!!!!

*thus endeth my mini rant…that I have been ranting about for 2 weeks now*

Superman’s vehicle is also out of commission.   It was recalled for a faulty ignition switch in August.  It failed miserably at 2 am.   2am Superman wakes me out of a dead sleep to come get him.   There should be some form of punishment for doing that to a person…but he is ill so I’ll give him a pass.

The dealership said it would take about 1½-2 weeks to just get the part in.   So while I can drop the man off at work, he will have to walk home…unless someone would be willing to either bring him home or let us borrow a vehicle.   I use mine to much to not need another one.

The contractors painted my bathroom.  The entire time daddy was up there painting I was second guessing myself on the colors I had chosen, but I must admit…I did a pretty good job.   My bathroom is gorgeous.  The medicine cabinet is hung, and a few other things were put back in.   I’m getting more and more excited.

No pictures from here on out.   I want it to be a surprise.

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4 thoughts on “January 21”

  1. That is very inconvenient being without that second car, especially if he works the night shift. We’ve been in a similar place before, thankfully when it happened hubby was working on the slope & when he was home we could share without too much fuss. Since son was also working I would take him in to work, only a few miles, then hubby would pick him up. It took about 4 months before we could get the other car working right.

  2. We too are at the one car stage. With Jarrod working second shift and a 1 and 1/2 hour to work drive we have to really juggle things we need to do. After I get back to work that will change. Can’t wait to see pictures of the bathroom. Love you.

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