December 8

Hey there Internets.


My contractors are finished with all manner of surgery recovery so they were back Saturday.


I have no pictures of what they did because…seriously?   who wants pictures of drying mud?


I am, however, sad about this.

Broken door

This is the bathroom door.

A 100+ year old bathroom door.

A solid oak door that was original to the house.

And it is broken. Beyond my financial means to repair it.

I have been watching way to much Rehab Addict.

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2 thoughts on “December 8”

  1. Is that the only broken part? I think you could fix that. You know, a lot of times, they use Bondo on wooden stuff and it works just fine. You’d have to paint your door, of course, and that might not be what you are going for….

    RE: Rehab Addict – I would like that girl to PUT ON A SHIRT.

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