October 6


Hi Internets!

The contractors were back in full force Saturday and they got some stuff done!

I’d do the happy dance, but CC doesn’t move that well anymore.

So…here is what all got done…


taped off

The window frame was taped off so that the trim could be stripped.



The light switch was wired in. Which I’m ever so grateful for. I’d go in to use the loo in the middle of the night and all these wires were sticking out like a hand ready to grab me. ¬† Which is kinda creepy in the middle of the day, but at night when you are mostly asleep the creep factor multiplies.


exhaust fan

They also hooked up the exhaust fan. They hooked up the light too, but I’m not showing it because well….I want to show it off later.

Uh…dad…are the fins supposed to be bent like that???



The shower doors were brought in as well.  Hopefully that means they are closer to installing said doors.   When the shower is actually ready to use, I really will do a happy dance.