September 9



Today I went to the vets office.  I really must pause here to say that my Vet rocks!   My Vet is not only thorough, but he is kind and funny.  2 wonderful qualities to have.


So, I’m at the office getting some antibiotics for Diesel my 4 month old black kitten…who isn’t so black anymore.   He is turning white grey sliver colors, and it is weird.

Dr. just happened to be standing at the counter so I’m telling him about Diesel, and that I had consulted my good friend Google about it.   He said that his kitten was turning grey too.  Sadly it seems that Dr. is living in the dark ages as he really didn’t know what a blog was….or Google…or how info gets on the Internet.


So…this blog is specifically for my vet.


This is a blog.




This is my black kitten Diesel about 5 weeks ago.



And this is my blackish kitten Diesel today.



Someone…anyone…please tell me what is going on with my cat!!!



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