September 29



The Junior partner of the Contractor team that I hired came over Saturday.


I was so happy to see him.  Not just because he is my boy, but because Internets!!!

toilet is ready

please excuse the poor quality of my cheap cell phone pic

My toilet is hooked back up.


I was going to try to suck up all the drywall dust with the shop vac that is in there, but it wouldn’t turn on.   (And yes, Dean’s….I did plug it in.) So I had to sweep it instead.   It really didn’t help much as drywall dust is now being tracked alllll over the house.


You really don’t realize just how much you utilize something till it isn’t available to utilize anymore.


I didn’t realize that I took so long to wake up fully, until I had my toilet back.

It seems that I tend to go back to bed and laze for about 34 minutes before prying myself up for the day.   After that, I seem to be a whole lot more productive.

When the toilet wasn’t hooked up, I was taking a lot longer doing the whole “laze” thing.   Then by that time it was time to go to bed again.   ahem.


Today I was productive….kinda.



September 17

For those of you who have been wondering, Google and I have been researching my wee beastie Diesel to death.


From what we have gathered, Diesel is an Oriental Short hair which is in the Siamese family, and his coat is a color called smoke.

Riddle solved.

Cat loved.

The end.

September 9



Today I went to the vets office.  I really must pause here to say that my Vet rocks!   My Vet is not only thorough, but he is kind and funny.  2 wonderful qualities to have.


So, I’m at the office getting some antibiotics for Diesel my 4 month old black kitten…who isn’t so black anymore.   He is turning white grey sliver colors, and it is weird.

Dr. just happened to be standing at the counter so I’m telling him about Diesel, and that I had consulted my good friend Google about it.   He said that his kitten was turning grey too.  Sadly it seems that Dr. is living in the dark ages as he really didn’t know what a blog was….or Google…or how info gets on the Internet.


So…this blog is specifically for my vet.


This is a blog.




This is my black kitten Diesel about 5 weeks ago.



And this is my blackish kitten Diesel today.



Someone…anyone…please tell me what is going on with my cat!!!



September 3


Hey there Internets!

It has been awhile. The contractors had other obligations for the last couple weeks, so not much has been done. The boy has done some mudding in his Grandpa’s absence, but that’s about it….and who wants to see a pic of mud drying?




Lookie…lookie…luan was laid down.


sink moved over


Plumbing for the sink was moved over because I chose a bigger shower.

And speaking of plumbing…


stub wall


a plumb wall was erected.


But before that could happen….Internets I was so excited to see that


stub wall_floor


they laid my floor.


Progress….I heart progress.