July 29



The father is reminding me to make a blog post.

I have been remiss for a reason.

Diesel, the kitten, has been doing one of 2 things for the last couple days.

1. Begging to be fed or
2. Curling up on my chest to sleep.

Both of those things are not conducive to editing pictures and typing up a blog post.

So..without further ado…

The dynamic duo was over Saturday to make more mess in my bathroom.

taking out the tub

A necessary mess, but a mess nonetheless.

They tore out the tub…which was the beginning and sole purpose of this remodel.


shimmed with cardboard

We all were functioning under the assumption that there was all kinds of nasty mold behind the shower.

Look ma! no mold. Just tar paper and a tub being shimmed up with cardboard.  Who shims a tub with cardboard?

resting on their laurals

After the tub was removed, they decided to take a break rest on their laurels pose for a union break picture.

Someone thinks they are funny.


After their “break”, they had to break up all the concrete that the stupid “lets shim the tub with cardboard” person put under the tub. ‘Cause why not???

tub will go

This is where the linen closet used to be and where the new tub will reside.

outside looking in

After almost all the walls were disseminated, we found that there is no insulation in the outside walls. Not even horse hair or newspaper…nothing. My house is more screwed up than previous thought.

lone hold out

The last hold out is my throne. I’m hoping that they won’t take that out until it must be removed, then promptly deposited back where it goes.



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  1. Looks like it is coming along nicely!!! Your workers look quite capable. Are they going to remodel the rest of the house too ?

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