July 22




It all started out innocently enough.

Last Tuesday I went to the Coshocton County Animal Shelter to pick up a coupon to get Superman’s kitten fixed. I have always fixed every cat I’ve had. I think it is just good animal ownership to do so.

And whenever I go to the CCAS (which is rare because  SUCKER FOR ANIMALS  is stamped firmly on my forehead) I always find myself in the cat room.

This time they had a bazillion kittens. I counted.

And really who can resist a sweet kitten. Not even the boy who is allergic picks up kittens and loves on them.

So I’m in the kitten room and this little sweetheart stands in front of me meowing so piteously.

I picked it up to love on it and it wound itself around my neck over and over and when I tried to put it down, the little bugger hung on for dear life.

I took it as a sign.




When Superman got home he just looked at me, shook his head, sighed and asked so what are we callin’ this one?

We came up with Sapphire, Velvet, Rosemary and Saffron.

Because we couldn’t agree, I asked my peeps on FB to choose.   It was a tie between Velvet and Saffron.   Superman chose Velvet.

I tried calling it Velvet, but it just didn’t stick.   Lily popped into my head and that one stuck.   Fiiinalllly!

Then because the sweet thing refused to eat or drink, I took her to the vet.   Only to have the vet inform me that she was a he.

Lily was out. Crud!

We’ve been searching for a name for this poor boy for the entire week.

So far he has been called…






and last but not least  Stupid Bugger.

Again, none of these have stuck.


So I have been talking to my good friend Google for ideas.

Google hasn’t been much help.

I’m stuck on Diesel and Isis. Yes, yes…Isis is a girls name…but it really is a great name!?!?!? Right???


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9 thoughts on “July 22”

  1. I know! How about CC, short for chocolate cat. 😉

    He looks like a chocolate almond biscotti. He could be named Biscotti or scotti for short. 😉

    That’s all I have, see you later!

  2. I named my sweet Tonkinese that was ill and died last year, Devereaux, Dev for short. Was one of the best cats we ever had. Harrison and Blue where the others. Wish I could have a kitty but, my fiance is allergic. We have two tiny dogs Miles and Lexi. Love my babies! And we are fostering a friends dog, Sampson, till our friend gets back on his feet. I think Diesel is cute too. How about Jax?

    Lisa in Fort Worth

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