July 21



I don’t think my Grandma Teal knew this, but she lived by the motto…

Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make do.
Do without.

I do too unless….it comes to jewelry…then I’m all “the bigger! the better! gimme…gimme…gimme..”

I love finding ways to “make do” without having to inconvenience myself. Because LAZY!

And that is exactly what I’m having to do with this bathroom remodel.

no sink

Seriously? How does one go about washing their pee-pee hands without a sink???

Well, Kirs bought me a pitcher and bowl. Perfect!

Now I just need to figure out where to put it.

I also am now doing my hair and other bathroom things sitting on my bed. Not convenient, but it works.




One thing I’m truly loving about this is that they took up the floor and I finally got to see the lovely hard wood floor underneath all that sub floor.

I love old houses and love seeing them restored to their original state. I go in there an wonder who lived here first? Who was the little girl that lived in that room?

I would totally love to get a sander and make it beautiful again.


closet floor


Alas, there are holes everywhere and I don’t have the funds to buy replacement boards for under the tub.



The dynamic duo has made a huge, huge, messy-mess in the girl’s old bedroom.


I’m choosing to ignore it. Ignorance is bliss…and I’m choosing to be blissed out.

In the mean time, I’m going to enjoy still being able to use the toilet and shower till next Saturday when they will be gone….wherein I will be hard pressed to find a way to uninconvenience myself of not having a toilet upstairs, and have to go to the basement and use the makeshift shower that has yet to be built.

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