July 14


Having watched HGTV and Rehab Addict, I had some idea of what to expect when my bathroom began to be torn apart.


linen closet


One thing I didn’t count on is not having a mirror.

Even though I don’t need it to brush my teeth, it is a little unnerving to stare at R-13 insulation while I scrub my teeth…quietly hoping that nothing comes crawling from behind it.

And then there is the whole…hair fixing thing.  The “I need to squeeze a zit” thing.   The “do I have more grey hair” thing.  The” do I have bags under my eye”s thing.  I use a teeny tiny mirror for that.  Smaller mirror = less grey, less zits, less bags.  It is a win win.





Another thing I didn’t think I’d have to deal with quite yet was the no door factor.

It isn’t that big of a deal, I just miss my hook on the back of it to hang my towel.

The last thing I didn’t really give much thought to was where to put all the crap I had in the bathroom.


crap in bedroom 1

Oh look…it decided to make its new home in the bedroom.

crap in bedroom

The good news is I still have a place to sleep.

Yay me.

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  1. On the tv shows the houses are never lived in. They really miss the whole point of a renovation-the challenge of living around the project! That would be a whole different show!!!

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