February 10




~~~I love lasagna.   Especially the way Superman makes it.   He hasn’t made it in years.  Generally when he makes it, he uses almost every pot, pan, spoon, bowl and dish we have then expects me to clean it up.

Fugetaboutit!  That is just not part of the lazy life style I have come to enjoy, but the cravings…they wouldn’t go away.   I’ve been wracking my brain for something that meets all the pasta/meet/sauce/cheese requirements that leaves me with little to no clean up.  Meat filled ravioli.   Bingo.   So, I made “lasagna” last night replacing the noodles and meat with that.   It took me all of 5 minutes to get it all in the dish…and the second best thing of all……there was noooo cleanup.   Muahahahahaha.  The best thing was that it tasted just like lasagna.   The brilliant award goes to me!


~~ I put Vaseline on my feet every morning in the winter.   I heart Vaseline.  So does my dry feet.   So does my cat Sebastian.  He is weird.


~~ Superman’s car is in the shop.   Which means that not only did I shuttle the girl around all weekend, but Superman too.  I’m going to invest in a taxi meter.


~~ Even though everyone and their brother is sick unto death of the snow, I’m rather enjoying driving in it.   Mainly so I can park my car.   The city plowed my car in.   Then the neighbor man with his little plow on the front of his 3-wheeler shoveled even more snow all around.   Superman had to push me through the first time, but now there is a wee path that I can drive on.   Sooooo fun.   And when I park at night, the little path that I have made is not always visible so I slide into my spot like a stunt car driver.     Takes me back to when I used to go mudding in Missouri.


~~ I have a new favorite cereal.   Frosted flakes.    Superman told me you are what you eat, so he gets pork butt for supper tonight.




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