January 20



Hello Monday.   Even after I’ve banned you from the calendar, you continue continue to show up.  Take the hint.   Your not wanted!


I have a new cat.  His name is Sebastian, and he is one ugly cat.  Tried to get a picture of the boy, but he just won’t sit still.

The girl brought him over 2 months ago.   He was cold, dirty and flea infested.   She and her sad puppy dog eyes begged me to take him in.   I said no.   I didn’t want fleas in the house, but I relented insofar as I put a can of cat food outside for him to eat.

His mewing was pitiful.   Stab you in the heart pitiful.

So the next day I brought him in.  Contrary to popular opinion I’m not heartless.   Superman tells me I’m a marshmallow filled with marshmallow fluff.

He promptly got a flea bath and was quarantined in his own room for over a month till the fleas died.

There in that quarantined room I fell in love with the bugger.

He now has taken over the house.   The oldest cat puts up with him because he makes her put up with him.   The middle cat is bigger than he is and she whomps him all the time.


In other news….well…there isn’t really any other news.   Life is slow and boring here at the house of chocolate.   Until Sebastian decides to play ‘tackle the other cats at CC’s feet’.  Both my legs bare the marks of said “fun”.