November 11



A long time ago, about 21 years to be exact, I had this marvelous coat. It was hunter green. It was fleece. It was perfect. The pockets were perfect. The fit was perfect. The amount of warmth it provided was perfect. I loved that coat.


One day I noticed that the pocket was torn, so I sewed it up. Superman saw me doing that and suggested it was time to get a new coat. I protested…mightily. Through sheer will I made that coat last another 2 years. Superman still had no idea how many times I sewed up various parts of that coat when he wasn’t around. Finally he made me throw it away…under MUCH weeping and gnashing of teeth.  I still remind him of that coat from time to time…but I’m not bitter.


Over the years I have had other beloved items. Particularly sweaters. The one I’m wearing right now is one of them. It used to be a lovely rose color. Now it is a …uh…dusty faded pink, and has some slight bleach spots on the arms, but it fits perfect. The pockets are perfect. The amount of warmth it provides is perfect. Suuuurrre it is pilly in some places and snagged in many others, but it still is perfect.


3 days ago the girl pointed out that I have a hole in the back of it. Fortunately Superman doesn’t know yet. He doesn’t know that I’ve already sewed up one of the pockets, and today….today I’m sewing up that hole. I can make this one last AT LEAST another 2 years before he gets a hold of it.