October 28


Hello Monday.

Just so you know, next Monday I’ll be much happier because I will have acquired one more hour of sleep, thank you daylight savings time.

Saturday Superman and I were discussing the fact that he hasn’t had any tickets/wrecks in quite some time, and I had to brag that I hadn’t been on the receiving end of a ticket since about 14 years ago…pat myself on the back.

Sunday I was driving up to the parents. I was blasting some Carrie Underwood and singing at the top of my lungs because Carrie Underwood is great to belt songs with. Had I a hair brush that would have been my microphone. I saw some flashing lights in my rear view. Didn’t even cross my mind that they were for me…until they didn’t stop. oopsie

Well, Mr. Babyface Officer said I was doing 43 in a 25. I think Mr. Babyface just wanted to see me smile, because his radar HAD to be miscalibrated. I don’t drive fast. Mr. Babyface, don’t hand people $90 tickets and then tell them to have a nice day. Your words are futile.

October 1




The word just inspires peace.

Want to see some more peace?

Sunset on 9_30

This is the view outside our room. Actually I was standing inside our room to take the picture.

crane with fish

This crane has been here since we have. It is so funny to watch.

Inn at corolla light

This is where we are staying. Our room is 3rd from the left side.

Beach 9_30


You are allowed to drive on the beach. It is the coolest thing EVER. Except for the view, and the jacuzzi tub, and the everything else.