September 30


Hello Monday.   I’m for once happy to see you.   You see Monday…on vacation… is a beautiful thing!


Before we left on vacation, I consulted my good friend Google for directions on how to navigate to Corolla, NC.  Google was great up to a certain point.


Then I totally feel that Google was misled, because I KNOW Google would never steer me wrong.


Go I 77 south…check


Take 64 E…check


Take exit 177 for I 295…uhhh….I don’t see that Superman!   NO, wait…264 and 295 are the same thing.   Panic averted…check


Hey!  Navigator what do I do now?


SM squints at the instructions…then, because he can’t see them, he hands my phone to me as I’m speeding down I264/295 doing 70 and being passed by all.    Dude!  I’m driving here!   Your gonna have to read it to me!


Take exit 15B to go I64 W…huh?  Okay…exit 15B it is.  Only….we are not on I 64…but we are going west, when we are supposed to go south, huh…SM!  Wake up!  I don’t know where to go.  I don’t know where we are going!!   SM!!!!!


Squint, squint, tries to hand my phone over.   CC is now in full panic mode.


Take exit 291 B to merge with 168 S Great Bridge/Nags Head  Okay.   I’m looking for the ever elusive exit  only there isn’t a 291.   CC continues to drive, panicked and nauseous.  Superman tries to go back to sleep, but OH NO!   If I’m panicked, then he is going to panic with me!  It is only fair.


Finally I see 168 S.  Whew….only not.


I turn us on to 168 S Business route.   At least we found a Walmart to stop at, get me something that I had forgot to pack, and get directions.  Real directions GOOGLE.  Real directions.


More driving.  More muttering under my breath.   More looking for a Great Bridge/Nags Head exit.   Hey Google!   They don’t have that sign up anymore.   Ya might want to redo some directions,,,,


Finally we see a sign for Great Bridge, so I follow that one, thinking that at least now I’m going south instead of west.  And Hey!  Google!  168 turns into 158.   Might want to tell the next people this so they don’t try to kill their navigator.   It would save some angst…lots of angst.


But we made it.   It is lovely here and SM wants to move here.


We ate at a fabulous Italian restaurant last night.   The waitress was Russian.   She said she moved here because she fell in love.   Obviously she is a spy.   Seriously.   Hasn’t anyone watched CSI, NCIS, or SVU?









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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Google maps. I love it when it is leading me in the right direction. And then I hate it when it leads me astray. My husband always says “this is why you need a printed map!” But I just refuse to succumb to ancient procedures when technology is at my hands. But darn it, technology…quit messing up!

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