September 23


I was cold yesterday. Anyone who knows me, knows I RARELY get cold. If anything for the last year or so I’ve been overly hot and the back of my hair is usually wet with all the sweating perspiring glowing I’ve got going on.  Even in the winter people.  THE WINTER!   Yesterday however I was wrapped in a down blanket, kitten under the blanket laying on my feet, Superman snuggled against me and I was STILL cold.   I’m even  cold this morning.

Confession time:   It has been a week since I have run the vacuum.   Slacker city, I know.   Please don’t ask how long it as been since I have dusted.   It is shameful!

Last night Superman almost had a heart attack.   His beloved DVD/blueray player stopped working.   I know.  The HORROR!   He put in movie after movie trying to convince himself that it was just a particular DVD that was messing with it.   He rearranged HDMI cords, and for a half an hour he fussed and tried to fix it.   Much to his despair.   I kept telling him that it was okay sweetie.  That we could get another one….but it would be awhile.   He was not comforted.   Finally…finally he unplugged it and plugged it back in.  Voila!  It is working.  Crisis averted and now I don’t have to purchase another DVD player.   Whew!

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