Hello Monday.

My internet is finally working..ish.

~~ My 3 day old modem was deemed broken. They were supposed to overnight me one on Wednesday. I have yet to receive it. AT&T you ROCK!

~~ I got to see my Aunt Cindy this past week. It was so great. I love it when we all get together. Nothing like laughing with family.

~~ Hostess…thank you for coming back to life and bringing me my beloved donettes. It has been all I could do to survive without you.

~~ I was so hoping that the royal baby would have been named something else. Poor kid…George. Georrrrrggge. It is a good thing he is a prince.

~~ Can someone tell me why printer ink is so dang expensive? It is just ink. Bic has pens full of ink for $1.

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6 thoughts on “7/29”

    1. Just buy a bunch of pens and dump the ink into your cartridge. It was great to see you too this past week.

  1. I’m with you on the ink. Unfortunately, I have a color printer, and if one of the colors goes out, it won’t print at all – even black. I just bought black ink. And now I have to buy red and yellow before the printer will work again. 😦 The cartridges are $60 each. Yikes!

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