Last week was great. Superman had a 4 day weekend. 2 of those days he didn’t work either job. It was FABULOUS.

One day we were lounging around and I told him all the things I’d miss about him if he died before I did. Morbid. I know but I think a person should hear those things before they keel over…you know…so they will know that the ones left behind told them everything they should.

So, I’m spending 5-10 minutes listing all the lovely things I’ll miss about him. He is smiling, and soaking it in.

When I’m finished, I ask him…”What will you miss about me?” He is quiet for a moment and then replies “I’ll miss the smell of your hair.” I say “okaaaay…what else?” He pauses for a bit longer and I prompt him….”anything else you’ll miss about me?” He says “I’m sure there is, but I can’t think of anything right now”

He is now buried in the back yard. I miss him already.



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