Hello Monday.

My internet is finally working..ish.

~~ My 3 day old modem was deemed broken. They were supposed to overnight me one on Wednesday. I have yet to receive it. AT&T you ROCK!

~~ I got to see my Aunt Cindy this past week. It was so great. I love it when we all get together. Nothing like laughing with family.

~~ Hostess…thank you for coming back to life and bringing me my beloved donettes. It has been all I could do to survive without you.

~~ I was so hoping that the royal baby would have been named something else. Poor kid…George. Georrrrrggge. It is a good thing he is a prince.

~~ Can someone tell me why printer ink is so dang expensive? It is just ink. Bic has pens full of ink for $1.



Seriously wordpress?   You go changing everything AGAIN???   and I have to try to figure it out on a Monday no less.

This past week has been a blur.

Most notably have been my dreams of late.  They include but are not limited to…

~~  Me being a helicopter pilot

~~ Me teaching sniper scool

~~ Me drawing pictures on the sidewalk with the chalk in my mouth

~~  Me being lost in a maze of school lockers all made of beautifully carved wood with mirrors on the outside of them

And I wonder why I’m not getting rest.



Last week was great. Superman had a 4 day weekend. 2 of those days he didn’t work either job. It was FABULOUS.

One day we were lounging around and I told him all the things I’d miss about him if he died before I did. Morbid. I know but I think a person should hear those things before they keel over…you know…so they will know that the ones left behind told them everything they should.

So, I’m spending 5-10 minutes listing all the lovely things I’ll miss about him. He is smiling, and soaking it in.

When I’m finished, I ask him…”What will you miss about me?” He is quiet for a moment and then replies “I’ll miss the smell of your hair.” I say “okaaaay…what else?” He pauses for a bit longer and I prompt him….”anything else you’ll miss about me?” He says “I’m sure there is, but I can’t think of anything right now”

He is now buried in the back yard. I miss him already.





Rain is all that has been happening around here. Rain and growing grass that hasn’t been mowed in like….forrrevvvverrrrr.

Also, the wedding will be happening sooner than planned. When? Don’t know. Theeeeeyyyyyy don’t even know. All I know is that I took her back to the wedding dress store on Saturday and picked out a totally different dress than the other 2 previous dresses. Also the brides maids list has been made, chopped, revised, chopped again, and revised again. Needless to say, I have NO EARTHLY IDEA what in the world they are doing. I don’t think they do either.

Dog is ill. Every single time she is given bones of any sort, she gets uhh….the quick step the hershey squirts diarrhea. This time she has decided that my bedroom, the stairs and 2 different places in front of her kennel is the PERFECT place to do that.

Pet peeve alert………..pick up your crap people. Just pick it up. It has a home, it misses its home, take it home so it can be happy.