I have learned a lot in these last couple weeks.

♥  Wedding dresses, even ones on sale are great, but then when you add on the veil, the shoes, the foundation undergarment, etc…that “sale” dress costs upwards of $850.  And lets not forget alterations.

♥  Frameless glasses will fall apart in your hands when you are least expecting it, prompting you to make a blind dash to the optometrist to see if they can fix it, only to have them tell you that because it is “frameless” they have to send it away, and there is an extra charge for mounting the teeny-tiny nose piece to the lenses, and then because they are bi-focals there is an even bigger charge, and oh yes….if you want the transitions you HAVE to pay extra.   Oh…and by the way, you’ll be blind for over a week unless you want to buy another pair outright so you can see for the next week.   Hello discontinued Armani  frames (free) and lenses (soooo NOT free).

♥  If you loose your first pet, especially Superman’s favorite, you will hoist yourself out of your deliciously comfortable bed and search for the stupid cat for 20 minutes, only to have her found in the first spot you looked for her in the first place.

♥  Wedding cake testing is WONDERFUL.

♥  Putting a woman who is in the throws of “love” in charge of laundry leads to nakedness throughout the house.

♥  Lastly I ran out of butter.   I didn’t think it possible, but I did.   I’m so ashamed.

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8 thoughts on “6/17”

  1. So fun! I want to hear more about this wedding!

    I did not have a wedding dress. My parent’s gave me a budget for the wedding, and I spent most of it paying our rent in advance for 6 months. Romantic! If you need anyone to help test cake, let me know.

  2. I got by rather cheaply. My dress was $60.00,my veil was $20.00. I wore a pair of white pumps that I already had, my flowers I carried was also my going away corsage on a small Testament. Your mother did my reception as a wedding gift and Grandma and Grandpa had my pictures done as a wedding gift also. Of course that was 41 years ago this next week. Paula Deen would be appalled to hear about you running out of butter. Love you.

  3. Congratulations! I would love to be tasting wedding cake!! Assuming it’s your daughter getting married and I’m happy for you. True, I don’t know you but have read your blog for years. I came for the recipes and then stayed for the blog! I also tried to figure our what Superman did for which basket company. I used to be a consultant for Henn Workshops so all the baskets you have are familiar to me!!


  4. I have a slip and bra that will never be used again. If I knew they were the right size, you could have both of them. They are just sitting in a drawer and in the basement in the bag it came in. Find someone you know who does alterations and it might be cheaper than the bridal shop. I did and she did a better job!

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