Not much of significance has happened in the last week.

Junior works at a company that ships food to grocery stores. This last week, he brought home 15 pounds of strawberries. The cost??? $3.


home made jam


So I made freezer jam.


Also since Junior has moved in, we have had to scrunch up our shampoo/conditioner/scrubbie/razors/shower gel/ stuff to make room for his.   The girl and I use the same type of razor.   So right after he moved in I grabbed a razor to shave the pits.   I was busy doing my business, went to rinse the razor and it still had the protective plastic thing over it.   Really?!?   Who keeps the plastic protector thingie on their razors after it has been used??? And who doesn’t notice that their pits aren’t being shaved???


Oh…and we have had to rearrange the parking situation so he can park his truck in front of the house….I miss my spot.


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  1. I am jealous of the strawberries! I bought some at Costco and paid like, $6 for 2 lbs. Sad Face.

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