Hello Internets! It is Monday…again.

* The girl has a new fellow employee at Stuffmart. His name is Trampus. Yes. Trampus. Who in their right mind would burden their child with such a name. Poor kid.

* The other day I was picking up the girl from work and I told her I was so hungry I could eat her arm. She replied “oh no…it is a zombie amomolypse.

* I have rented out the boy’s bedroom to Jr. He is a good friend of the family. It is great to have a young man in the house again.

* I have begun to stop watching the news. The government angers me so much. harumph

* I need to go to the grocery today. What is the thing you run out of the quickest after grocery shopping?

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7 thoughts on “4/29”

  1. I can not keep enough chicken nuggets in the house to satisfy my youngest. It’s about all he eats. Sigh.

    I’m glad you have a new young man. Is he good at mowing grass?

  2. We run out of dairy first – cheese, sour cream, yogurt. Things are really bad if we run out of potatoes. I have to go shopping too. Damn it.

  3. Ours would be milk. I ALWAYS buy 2-3 gallons thinking it’s enough. It’s not enough for my 4 kids and cooking. LOL!

  4. We are always running out of cheese and milk. My 14 year old son eats cheese like it’s free! I love Aldi. Couldn’t stay on budget without it!

  5. Milk. I think my family would go through a gallon a day if they could. I need a dairy cow… but the government probably wouldn’t let me have one.

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