Anyone who knows me, knows that while I don’t dust very often (why bother, it just gets dusty 3 seconds later) but I do not like clutter. I’ve always been “a place for everything, and everything in its place”

This past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a way out of a funk. I have been super Mrs. funk funk funkerson.

Last night I tweeted.

Me: We have GOT to clean the kitchen

Daughter: Why? is someone coming over?



mesy kitchen


It is time to clean!

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10 thoughts on “4/22”

  1. I think you missed a spot… LOL!

    Oh, you are brave to post that picture. BRAVE!

    My kitchen has been at that point before. That’s the point where I am tempted to chuck it all and go buy everything new because it would be less work. Good luck.

  2. Mrs. Funk Funk Funkerson! HA! That was me too for awhile. Yesterday I finally felt myself crawling out of the hole.

    I hope you feel better now that your kitchen is clean!

  3. My counter currently looks the same! Attempting to cook amongst packing to move is awful. And regardless of my husband’s dislike of paper plates….they are essentail to use amongst a move!! I must get some before I go crazy from the overflow of dirty dishes!!

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