April 15


○ Monday, you are here to haunt me again….but also you are April 15 which haunts me all the more. Government….blech…

○ Last Thursday was Superman and my 21st wedding anniversary. He texted me Happy Anniversary. :/

○ Being the 15th of April, I must take the city taxes to the city tax office to turn them in. Normally I would mail them, however, the girl hasn’t done her’s yet, so we are going to go get her a form and do them right there in the office so she doesn’t get in trouble.

○ I made our reservations for vacation here. I am sooooooooo doing the wild horse tour. Because me and horses? We are best buds!

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  1. Happy Tax Day, Citizen! Happy Anniversary, too. I hope he texted you from the store where he was buying you the big box of chocolate.

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