♥ April Fools Day WOULD fall on a Monday, wouldn’t it. Oh the irony.

♥ I finished up the baby quilt I’m making for my friends daughter. Her baby shower is Saturday. I was cutting it close. Now I just need to wrap it. Saturday morning will find me with paper, scissors and tape in hand. Procrastination is my best friend. Sometimes.

♥ Speaking of quilts. I ordered some fabric from JoAnn fabric on Feb. 9. I’m going to be making Jax a quilt for her birthday. I ordered it in plenty of time to make said quilt, seeing as how her birthday is THURSDAY. Guess who has yet to see material on her door step from the UPS man??? CC is NOT a happy camper.

JoAnn and I are going to have a chat today. I don’t think JoAnn will appreciate me after I’m done.

♥ The Federal govt. and the State govt. have dug their paws into my check book to the tune of $1,900. Anyone need a kidney before April 15?? I have an extra one.

♥ Lastly, I tried some MAC pigments. You can purchase samples here. They are very inexpensive. The only way I could try them out.

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2 thoughts on “4/1”

  1. That’s almost a month ago you ordered that fabric! That’s ridiculous! Especially in an age where Amazon can get you stuff the next day, practically.

  2. I don’t even want to talk about taxes. My husband did some gobbley-gook with our IRAs last year, something about converting them from one form to another so we don’t have to pay taxes later. But we have to pay taxes NOW. To the tune of $6,000. Uhm. yeah. Thanks honey. I’m going to trust you that it will be worth it in the end. Because right now I want to kill you.

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