Hello Internets! It is Monday…again.

* The girl has a new fellow employee at Stuffmart. His name is Trampus. Yes. Trampus. Who in their right mind would burden their child with such a name. Poor kid.

* The other day I was picking up the girl from work and I told her I was so hungry I could eat her arm. She replied “oh no…it is a zombie amomolypse.

* I have rented out the boy’s bedroom to Jr. He is a good friend of the family. It is great to have a young man in the house again.

* I have begun to stop watching the news. The government angers me so much. harumph

* I need to go to the grocery today. What is the thing you run out of the quickest after grocery shopping?



Anyone who knows me, knows that while I don’t dust very often (why bother, it just gets dusty 3 seconds later) but I do not like clutter. I’ve always been “a place for everything, and everything in its place”

This past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a way out of a funk. I have been super Mrs. funk funk funkerson.

Last night I tweeted.

Me: We have GOT to clean the kitchen

Daughter: Why? is someone coming over?



mesy kitchen


It is time to clean!

April 15


○ Monday, you are here to haunt me again….but also you are April 15 which haunts me all the more. Government….blech…

○ Last Thursday was Superman and my 21st wedding anniversary. He texted me Happy Anniversary. :/

○ Being the 15th of April, I must take the city taxes to the city tax office to turn them in. Normally I would mail them, however, the girl hasn’t done her’s yet, so we are going to go get her a form and do them right there in the office so she doesn’t get in trouble.

○ I made our reservations for vacation here. I am sooooooooo doing the wild horse tour. Because me and horses? We are best buds!

April 8


♦ Earlier this week something happened and I thought to myself, this is great Random Monday material. I told myself to write it down so I wouldn’t forget. Wadda know…I didn’t write it down and I can’t remember it.

♦ What a glorious weekend we had! Loverly weather, time spent with friends and family. Wonderful. However, the weather just isn’t making much sense. Friday it was cold and blustery, Sunday it was sunny and 70º. My wardrobe doesn’t swing that way. I can not go from long sleeves, sweaters and heavy jeans to shorts and a tank top overnight. I will blind people with my pasty whiteness the second I step out my front door.

♦ I have reserved a room in Corolla, NC for Superman and I to take our very first vacation…without children. It isn’t till the end of September, but I’m still excited.

♦ One day this last week also found me without any breakfast items. No milk, bread, eggs. So what does one eat with no breakfast items to be had??? Leftover hamburger helper. Doesn’t everyone?

♦ JoAnn from the famous JoAnnfabric dot com finally sent me my fabric…that I ordered on February 3. I love the fabric, I can not begin to tell you what I feel for JoAnn.

♦ Well, if wonders never cease. I remember what I was going to talk about from earlier this week. Long story short, I have called the dog warden a couple times on our neighbors. I have filled out statements, taken pictures, in the hopes that they will just keep their dogs on a leash and/or keep them out. of. my. yard! Alas, the dog warden has seen fit to take all info to the prosecuting attorney and they will be served either today or tomorrow. I will be spending the rest of my life in a darkened house with locked doors so the neighbors don’t find out I’m home and come over to “discuss” the matter at hand.

♦ The girl fiiiiinallllly got herself the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings. Now she can quit yammering at me when we watch my measly regular edition that “the extended edition is sooooooooo much better mom!” We are having a LOTR marathon today.



♥ April Fools Day WOULD fall on a Monday, wouldn’t it. Oh the irony.

♥ I finished up the baby quilt I’m making for my friends daughter. Her baby shower is Saturday. I was cutting it close. Now I just need to wrap it. Saturday morning will find me with paper, scissors and tape in hand. Procrastination is my best friend. Sometimes.

♥ Speaking of quilts. I ordered some fabric from JoAnn fabric on Feb. 9. I’m going to be making Jax a quilt for her birthday. I ordered it in plenty of time to make said quilt, seeing as how her birthday is THURSDAY. Guess who has yet to see material on her door step from the UPS man??? CC is NOT a happy camper.

JoAnn and I are going to have a chat today. I don’t think JoAnn will appreciate me after I’m done.

♥ The Federal govt. and the State govt. have dug their paws into my check book to the tune of $1,900. Anyone need a kidney before April 15?? I have an extra one.

♥ Lastly, I tried some MAC pigments. You can purchase samples here. They are very inexpensive. The only way I could try them out.