Hello Monday!

Hello Internets!

Everyone is talking about it, so I figured I’d join in.

~~ The WEATHER. It snowed last night. That’s right. Snowed. Hello weather, read your calendar. It is Spring already. Frustrating.

But what frustrates me more is that people are actually wanting the death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil. Seriously??? What can be more stupid than basing your weather forecast on a rodent.  A RODENT!  But now you want to kill a RODENT for being wrong? America you are STOOOOPID!

In that same vain vane vain I have a beef with Pothole’s street department.

This year Pothole, Ohio has received 2 major snow storms. These each dumped a good 8-10 inches on our sad little town. There were no snow plows going up and down our street, but today…TODAAAAAY when we get a whole 1½ inches, the plow came scraping loudly down our wee street at five minutes till five AM! There was NOTHING. TO. PLOW!   Help a tax paying citizen out.   Explain the logic on this.

~~ I washed my make up brushes yesterday.

~~ The boy got a new job.

~~ I cleaned off my computer desk.

~~ Last but most certainly not least, between the girl and I, we have eaten 2 packages of Reese Peanut Butter Eggs.   YUM!

Have a great week Internets.

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  1. Why do PB eggs have to taste so ridiculously delicious? Why can’t I stop? These are the impt questions.
    Computer desk is a hotspot over here.

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