Hello Monday!

Hello Internets!

Everyone is talking about it, so I figured I’d join in.

~~ The WEATHER. It snowed last night. That’s right. Snowed. Hello weather, read your calendar. It is Spring already. Frustrating.

But what frustrates me more is that people are actually wanting the death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil. Seriously??? What can be more stupid than basing your weather forecast on a rodent.  A RODENT!  But now you want to kill a RODENT for being wrong? America you are STOOOOPID!

In that same vain vane vain I have a beef with Pothole’s street department.

This year Pothole, Ohio has received 2 major snow storms. These each dumped a good 8-10 inches on our sad little town. There were no snow plows going up and down our street, but today…TODAAAAAY when we get a whole 1½ inches, the plow came scraping loudly down our wee street at five minutes till five AM! There was NOTHING. TO. PLOW!   Help a tax paying citizen out.   Explain the logic on this.

~~ I washed my make up brushes yesterday.

~~ The boy got a new job.

~~ I cleaned off my computer desk.

~~ Last but most certainly not least, between the girl and I, we have eaten 2 packages of Reese Peanut Butter Eggs.   YUM!

Have a great week Internets.




Happy rainy Monday Internets!

~~ Thursday the girl took me and her to a nail salon to get our nails painted. I normally don’t get my nails painted because they are thin, polish chips, and it all looks ugly by the time the polish has been on for 3 hours. Why bother? Anyway, it is now Monday and my “I’m not a waitress red” nail polish is hanging in there. No chips and just slight wear around the tips. I have GOT to find out what they use for a primer coat and a top coat. I think that is the key.

Ack! I just looked at my nails to admire them and my right ring finger has a chip.

~~ I got a box in the mail this week containing some beautiful red variegated boucele yarn from my friend Cara. It is so lovely. I also received a beautiful silver bracelet that she made. It looks gorgeous on me if I do say so myself.

~~ I ordered some fabric from JoAnn’s fabric online…on Feb. 9th. Yes Internets…FEBRUARY 9TH. I have yet to receive it. I have emailed, and called and emailed again. sigh….I don’t think it is going to get here in time for me to make what I wanted to.

~~ The girl wants me to make her a dress. I made her tons of dresses when she was younger and she wore them all out. But this one has a zipper. Oh! Internets! How I loathe the zipper!! How I don’t want to make this dress, however, I have told her I would. Why…why…why…did I agree??? Oh yeah! I love her, that’s why.

~~ A lot of information has been flying around the Internet about Common Core standards. Please…I beg of you…take some time out of your day to learn about it. It is a bit lengthy, but it is so very important that every. parent. is aware.

~~ Proverbs says “laughter does good like medicine”. I believe it. I have been heartsick over an ongoing issue for some time now. I haven’t been sleeping well. Last night we watched Thou Shalt Laugh.  This particular segment had me laughing so hard tears were running down my face and my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.   I slept so well last night.   I blame it all on laughing.




Hello Monday after ‘spring forward’.   This will be brief.


Time change. Yawn!


Fruit Loops.  Breakfast.


Red Robin.  Yum.


Time with parents.  Priceless.