Hello again Monday.

~~Not much going on around here…It snows, it gets warm, it gets cold, it snows….never ending cycle.   March 21 I’m waiting for you….

~~Grace my cat is sick.   I don’t think she is going to be with us much longer.

~~I heard from my soldier.  He has lovely handwriting.   Wish “I” had that lovely of handwriting.

~~The girl and I are going to watch our DVR’d episode of The Walking Dead tonight.   Seriously!   Last weeks episode had the girl and on squealing and on the edge of our respective chairs the entire show.

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6 thoughts on “2/25”

  1. My hubs saw a preview of The Walking Dead and now we are thinking of adding that to our must watch list. We’ve got 2-1/2 seasons to catch up with first!

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