Happy Monday y’all!


This past week flew by.


Went to my parents house yesterday.   Had a blast!


I was looking at my mother’s hands.   She has old hands.   I asked her when she started getting the dreaded age spots.   She said about 20 years ago….and I’m 20 years younger than her.   Hello lotion, I’m your new best friend.


My dad went to Georgia for some training for work.   He left yesterday.   He texts like a typical man.


~~Hope you have a good flight daddy.

♠  Thanks

♠ Boarding

~~How was your flight?

♠ Rough flight.   Squally kid beside me.

~~Sorry you had a bad flight.

♠ At least the kid fell asleep

♠ On shuttle to hotel

♠ They don’t have a room for me.   Said I have to pay for the room.

Side bar….the room had already been reserved and paid for.

So, we women sat wondering why they couldn’t find his reservation, upset that he would have to pay for the room etc.  Half an hour later I get this.

♠ They found me.   I’m at the wrong hotel.


and lastly…


Dear Bayer Corporation in Germany, distributed by Glaxo Smith Kline,

$20 for one pill?!?!?!

Thuh-won-teeee dollars for one pill??????


Let’s see…either I purchase groceries and gas or medication.   Help me decide Bayer corp/Glaxo Smith Kline.






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4 thoughts on “2/18”

  1. I’m glad that your dad handled the squally kid well and did not smack him in the face. I would hate to have read about him in the news.

    Prescription costs are just outrageous.

  2. I have my mother’s hands. But not in a good way. Thankfully, I also have freckles, so they’ll hide any upcoming age spots. Hopefully.

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