My friend Deb posted her random Monday.


She suggested that we whine.


I generally don’t do that here on the Internets.   The people at home get to hear it.   I’m going to give them a break, so for your reading pleasure I’m gonna whine.


~~  Weather!   It is cold, then it is warm, then it is cold, then it is warm, then it is cold, then it is rainy, then it is windy, then it is cold.   Please!  Make. Up. Your. Mind!


~~  Neighbor’s dog!   My neighbor has a rottie.   She is an affectionate dog, but she doesn’t listen.   They also don’t have a collar or leash on her.   So she runs wild when they let her out.   Runs wild all over the space that Chloe does her business.   Which in turn makes Chloe very upset.   So upset that she has to sniff every. square. inch. of. grass. before she does her business.   Which in turn makes me have to stand forever outside~ because I’m a good dog owner, have a collar and leash on Chloe at all times~in the weather (see above).


~~Speaking of dogs and their business…Superman doesn’t pick up Chloe’s business till there isn’t a spot for her to go on….argh


~~  Gas prices.   Nuff said.


~~ The dishwasher.   I tweeted about this before, but seriously people.   There are 3 adults living in this  house.   Why does it seem like I’m the only one that knows how to load and unload the dishwasher?    I KNOW that I have shown each one of you how to do so


~~ I tried to place a hold on a book at the library online last night.   Seems as though my library card has expired.   EXPIRED???  Why?   why does a library card expire???   It just shouldn’t happen.  Now I have to go all the way to the library, and renew my card.   sigh.


the end


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