Feburary 4



Happy Monday Internet!  I have so much to tell!!


~~ These past few weeks I have been rather forgetful.   Then a friend mentioned last night that if you don’t take your synthroid regularly then you forget stuff.   errrrr….alrightythen!


~~ Week before last I adopted a soldier through AAUSS. I received my soldier 3 days later.  He is 20, and is on the front lines removing IED’s.  I have been in contact with him every day.   I love it!   So, Friday I mailed out his first care packages, but forgot to put the town after FOB.   Now I’m thinking he isn’t going to get my lovely care packages.


~~ I also forgot about several appointments I was supposed to go to last week, and to pay my water bill.   Hello synthroid!!


~~  I have received all my stuff to do my taxes.   Only I’m not going to do my taxes this year.   I’m having a friend do them because this year I won’t be able to do the 1040A.   grumble…grumble…grumble


~~ It has been beyond cold here in Ohio these last 2 weeks.   Wind chills of -15º.   I haven’t ventured out much, but when I have I re-decide then and there that I’ll never live in Alaska.  Ever.


~~ Walking Dead…next Sunday….finally!!!




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  1. We adopted a soldier once through a program at our church. We sent him numerous letters and a care package and never heard back once. So we stopped. I just pray that he didn’t respond because he was just busy, distracted and/or rude.
    It’s been bitterly cold here too. Can.not.stand.it. I have also avoided leaving the house and will NEVER move to Alaska either.

    1. We are encouraged to continue sending letters and packages even if our soldier is silent. Many times they are so far out in the middle of no where that they can get no internet service. Many times soldiers have 15 hour days and they just don’t have time to write/email. The forum for AAUSS says that letters are “a hug from home”.
      My soldier is living in a tent with 7 other guys, and only 2 of them are being supported. Can you imagine being so far from home and getting no letters or care packages? I was taking to Superman about it, and he said that the year he was overseas he got one care package. One. That breaks my heart.

  2. Oh, that is heartbreaking. It sounds like a great program, I think I will look into it. Thanks for linking to it. And yes, no Alaska! It was so cold on the drive from Oregon to Colorado, our license plate broke off.

  3. How do you keep in contact with them every day? Email? Txt?

    I ❤ my Synthroid! I'm not nearly as cold and I'm not falling asleep at the wheel anymore!! It was a fight to stay awake on my way back home from school, e v e r y d a y.

    1. I am so proud of you for taking on a soldier to send him care packages and such. I know that they need the support.

      To be quite honest, I think that those who are saying they would never move to Alaska are missing out. This winter we have been warmer than most of you – Kristy, I feel for you in the extreme cold that Minn has been experiencing. I think that the low humidity factor helps us a lot. The worst we have had has been the wind. You all have even had more snow than we have up here.

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