January 21


It is Monday….ugh….In other news I have some random stuff to share with you.


~~    My memory foam mattress is fabulous, but it likes to travel.   It has slid about 3 inches from the top of the bed, and it hangs over about 2 inches on Superman’s side.   CC isn’t happy.   I have tried to move it, but it won’t budge.   I refuse to totally unmake the bed just to scoot the marshmallow.  So I guess it really isn’t all that big of a problem.


~~  I signed up to adopt a US soldier.    I haven’t received one yet.   Anyone else do this???


~~ I had a real boring week this past week and I’m racking my brain to think of something else to say.    Nope…there is nothing.


Have a wonderful week y’all.


Oh wait.   I just thought of something.   I got a new mouse pad.   It is pink and says “Hello Kitty” on it.   I just knew that would be of interest to someone…


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