January 14



♥   I haven’t been sleeping well.  I haven’t been for a good month or so.  I really should be since we just got a memory foam topper for our bed two weeks ago.   It is like sleeping on a marshmallow.  I like marshmallows. The large ones, the small ones, and even the gigantor ones they had this past summer.

And marshmallow fluff.

The point Tanya???  Oh yes.  The point.

The point is that I finally succumbed to the Advil PM and slept from 10pm to 11am.   I ♥ Advil PM.


♥  The last 2 days have been in the 60’s here in Ohio.   All the snow has melted.   I can finally park my car where it is supposed to be instead of halfway out in the road because of all the piles of snow some sweet neighbor plowed right in front of my vehicle.


♥  I’ve been on an almond eating kick lately.   I have decided that aside from pecans, almonds are my favorite.


♥  Finally my shows have come back from holiday hiatus.  I have totally missed my Once Upon A Time, and The Good Wife.   However, Downton Abby refuses to record for me.   waaaaahhhhhhh



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3 thoughts on “January 14”

  1. Have you had the gigantic chocolate marshmallows? The kids roasted them over a fire last summer and really like them. 🙂

  2. How come this post is just showing up in my reader today? That’s weird.
    I like sleeping on marshmallows too. My sleep number is 45. Sometimes it goes as low as 35. I like it soft and cushy, like my tushy!
    It is not 60 here. We still have our share of snow.
    I love me some Downton Abbey. It is so good!

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