January 7


♥♥ Monday has rolled around once again and is haunting me like a bad hangover….not that I’ve had one, but still…Monday.

♥♥ Spent New Years day with the family.   Opened Christmas gifties.   Yarn!   I got Yarn!!!

♥♥ My BFF got me a marble rolling  pin.   I have wanted one of those since forever.

♥♥ I found out that I have “golfers elbow” because you know I have played all of zero games of golf.

♥♥  Obama, Congress and Senate…thanks so much for this “fiscal cliff” deal you struck.   Superman’s paycheck was only $120 short.   I hope you all get sand flies up your ……nose.

♥♥ Superman is in trouble.   I suggested that I tried to lose 30 pounds and he stated that would probably gain 60.  I’m thinking a little bit of time in the dog house might be curative.

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4 thoughts on “January 7”

  1. I feel like I have pitchers shoulder (if there is such a thing) but, like you, I have played zero amounts of baseball all my life.

    I love that dog house video. I linked to it on my blog years ago!

    I anxiously await husband’s paycheck to assess the damage.

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