November 26




~~ I’m trying to learn how to do a ‘cat eye’ on myself, but I haven’t mastered it yet.  I look a little bit like Ozzy when I do it.   I think I’m giving up on the whole ‘cat eye’ idea.



~~ Thanksgiving was great.   It was just the three of us.   For the very first time in uuhhh…coughfourtythreecoughcough years I have not had Thanksgiving with my parents.  The meal was fabulous.   My Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie was beyond wonderful, and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with leftovers.   For the first time in coughcough years I have had leftovers.



~~While skyping with the sister the other day, my niece was eating a piece of peanut butter toast with cinnamon and sugar on it.   I’m generally game for anything….generally… so I tried it.   I think I got the ratio of peanut butter to cinnamon wrong because CC could not taste the cinnamon.   Must try again.  Soon!


~~ I didn’t even think about venturing out on Black Friday.   I’m staying in for Cyber Monday.   I am ever so thankful for the Internets.




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4 thoughts on “November 26”

  1. I think the cat eye is for twenty-something rock starlets. Or Bond girls. I’m doing good if I remember to put moisturizer on every day. Are you sharing the Bourban Chocolate Pie recipe? It sounds AMAZING!

  2. Yes, when you make it, you must pile it high with the cinnamon-sugar mixture. You have to actually see the cinnasugar laying on top. 🙂

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