Monday 19


~~ Last night I went to the boy’s church for a Thanksgiving meal and praise.   The boy was saying that DIL eats oreos in milk for breakfast.    Now I’m craving oreos and milk for breakfast.   What I’ll really have is cereal in milk.   I sad substitute  for some fabulous oreos in milk.

~~ During the praise time of the service, the granddaughter played between the girl and I.   I don’t remember any of the service because I was beyond enamored with the blond curls, and her calling me meemo.

~~ Houses along my block have had Christmas lights up now for a good 3 weeks.   When the girl and I got home last night they had them. all. on!   I ranted to the street, but they didn’t hear me.  Sigh.

~~ I went down into the dungeon yesterday for the first time in months.   Months!  And it looks like it.   How in the world can two people mess up a big space like that???

~~ The girl got me some “truffle brownie” chap stick.   It smells so good I want to eat my lips.   I still much prefer my Burts Bee’s, because I don’t get hungry when I put it on.

~~ I was talking to my girlfriend last night about re-arranging her living room.   So now, not only do I want to eat oreos and milk, but I want to re-arrange my living room…again.

~~ This week will be super busy for me.   I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, love and laughter.   Those are the things I’m most thankful for.

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4 thoughts on “Monday 19”

  1. (Pausing before commenting to apply my Burt’s Bees Chapstick, which is always nearby) Now I am longing for a sweet, little grandbaby, a rearranged living room, oreos and milk and a huge Thanksgiving feast. Sigh.

  2. Oreos are delicious. And I might even admit to having them for breakfast. But putting them in milk and eating them like cereal just seems wrong.

    You should totally re-arrange your furniture. I’ll bet your husband would LOVE to help. LOL.

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