November 12


It is Monday AGAIN!?!?!  Didn’t I just do Monday?

Well, my forgetter is working overtime here lately.

~~ The boy was over this past week, and he mentioned something in conversation to which I said to myself “perfect! that is what I’ll get him for Christmas”…only to have it completely wiped out of my memory by the next morning. Sorry son, now you get nothing for Christmas. I kid..I kid…

~~ It was 70 glorious degrees yesterday. Everyone and their brother’s brother was outside mowing their lawn. Everyone except the CC house. The CC house spent their time wisely by watching Netflix. Specifically Ghost Hunters International. There are some fascinating buildings in Europe. Which means I need to go check them out.

~~ I made meatloaf in the crock pot yesterday. I had never used the crock pot for something like that (thank you Pinterest) and it worked great. I used one of those crock pot bags, and when I pulled it out I slit a hole in the bottom and all the grease drained into the trash. The best part (aside from my brilliance) no mess. Noooooooooooo mess!!!!

~~ I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m just slightly getting tired of cereal for breakfast. There! I said it, but please don’t tell anyone. For penance, I’m eating fruity pebbles for breakfast. Somebody save me.


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One thought on “November 12”

  1. You can switch it up to Lucky Charms. The little marshmallows make a person happy, no matter what. A true penance would be Grape Nuts with no sugar.

    The meatloaf idea is intriguing…. but the best part is that crunchy crustiness that meatloaf gets on the top. Can the crock pot do that?

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