November 5




All last week I was gathering interesting items to post here today.



I have forgotten them all.



~~ I finally received the right size knitting needles to begin the sweater coat for the girl.    I really like the provisional cast on (which I had never done before), but joining it in the round using the magic loop method, well….lets just say that I ripped it out 4 times, and when Superman got home from work he heard an ear full.  I set the entire thing aside for a day.   Back to it today.   If it doesn’t work this last time I’m moving back to my DPN’s.



~~ I found out why the cats keep going into the basement.   One of them opened a bag of dog food.  Now they’d rather spend the day in a dingy basement instead of up here with the wonderful me.   I just can’t figure it out.



~~ Cookie Crisp doesn’t taste as good as it did when I was a kid.  Such a bummer.

~~ The girl bought 15 feet of red tinsel for Kitten to play with.  Now I have red glittery fake tinsel bits all over my carpet.   Someone come vacuum for me.



~~ The girl just called me a whiny butt.   I’d disagree, but sadly it is the truth.

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