November 26




~~ I’m trying to learn how to do a ‘cat eye’ on myself, but I haven’t mastered it yet.  I look a little bit like Ozzy when I do it.   I think I’m giving up on the whole ‘cat eye’ idea.



~~ Thanksgiving was great.   It was just the three of us.   For the very first time in uuhhh…coughfourtythreecoughcough years I have not had Thanksgiving with my parents.  The meal was fabulous.   My Chocolate Bourbon Pecan pie was beyond wonderful, and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with leftovers.   For the first time in coughcough years I have had leftovers.



~~While skyping with the sister the other day, my niece was eating a piece of peanut butter toast with cinnamon and sugar on it.   I’m generally game for anything….generally… so I tried it.   I think I got the ratio of peanut butter to cinnamon wrong because CC could not taste the cinnamon.   Must try again.  Soon!


~~ I didn’t even think about venturing out on Black Friday.   I’m staying in for Cyber Monday.   I am ever so thankful for the Internets.



Monday 19


~~ Last night I went to the boy’s church for a Thanksgiving meal and praise.   The boy was saying that DIL eats oreos in milk for breakfast.    Now I’m craving oreos and milk for breakfast.   What I’ll really have is cereal in milk.   I sad substitute  for some fabulous oreos in milk.

~~ During the praise time of the service, the granddaughter played between the girl and I.   I don’t remember any of the service because I was beyond enamored with the blond curls, and her calling me meemo.

~~ Houses along my block have had Christmas lights up now for a good 3 weeks.   When the girl and I got home last night they had them. all. on!   I ranted to the street, but they didn’t hear me.  Sigh.

~~ I went down into the dungeon yesterday for the first time in months.   Months!  And it looks like it.   How in the world can two people mess up a big space like that???

~~ The girl got me some “truffle brownie” chap stick.   It smells so good I want to eat my lips.   I still much prefer my Burts Bee’s, because I don’t get hungry when I put it on.

~~ I was talking to my girlfriend last night about re-arranging her living room.   So now, not only do I want to eat oreos and milk, but I want to re-arrange my living room…again.

~~ This week will be super busy for me.   I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, love and laughter.   Those are the things I’m most thankful for.

November 12


It is Monday AGAIN!?!?!  Didn’t I just do Monday?

Well, my forgetter is working overtime here lately.

~~ The boy was over this past week, and he mentioned something in conversation to which I said to myself “perfect! that is what I’ll get him for Christmas”…only to have it completely wiped out of my memory by the next morning. Sorry son, now you get nothing for Christmas. I kid..I kid…

~~ It was 70 glorious degrees yesterday. Everyone and their brother’s brother was outside mowing their lawn. Everyone except the CC house. The CC house spent their time wisely by watching Netflix. Specifically Ghost Hunters International. There are some fascinating buildings in Europe. Which means I need to go check them out.

~~ I made meatloaf in the crock pot yesterday. I had never used the crock pot for something like that (thank you Pinterest) and it worked great. I used one of those crock pot bags, and when I pulled it out I slit a hole in the bottom and all the grease drained into the trash. The best part (aside from my brilliance) no mess. Noooooooooooo mess!!!!

~~ I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m just slightly getting tired of cereal for breakfast. There! I said it, but please don’t tell anyone. For penance, I’m eating fruity pebbles for breakfast. Somebody save me.

November 5




All last week I was gathering interesting items to post here today.



I have forgotten them all.



~~ I finally received the right size knitting needles to begin the sweater coat for the girl.    I really like the provisional cast on (which I had never done before), but joining it in the round using the magic loop method, well….lets just say that I ripped it out 4 times, and when Superman got home from work he heard an ear full.  I set the entire thing aside for a day.   Back to it today.   If it doesn’t work this last time I’m moving back to my DPN’s.



~~ I found out why the cats keep going into the basement.   One of them opened a bag of dog food.  Now they’d rather spend the day in a dingy basement instead of up here with the wonderful me.   I just can’t figure it out.



~~ Cookie Crisp doesn’t taste as good as it did when I was a kid.  Such a bummer.

~~ The girl bought 15 feet of red tinsel for Kitten to play with.  Now I have red glittery fake tinsel bits all over my carpet.   Someone come vacuum for me.



~~ The girl just called me a whiny butt.   I’d disagree, but sadly it is the truth.

November 2

Today is my little group’s day to post our Nailed it/ Failed it entries.


I totally failed it, because I did nothing.


If you want to…..waaaaait a minute.


I totally did something.


brads sweater upclose




How to knit a sweater.


Lame.   I’m so lame, but it would be even lamer if I had absolutely nothing to post.   I’ll do better.  I promise.


Check out my people and what they did.   I’m quite sure they did much better than I.