October 31

Brads sweater


So I finally finished Superman’s Christmas present.


I don’t know about you, but when I start a project I’m all This is gonna be fabulous and when I come to the end of a project I’m all sigh…I wish I was finished ALREADY!


I felt that way about school too.  At the beginning of the year I was always gung ho. Doing all my work diligently and as neatly as possible. This lasted till Christmas break. By January I did alright but by the time March rolled around I was beyond ready to be done.


brads sweater upclose


I didn’t want to feel that way about this sweater.   Alas….it was not to be.


Now on to my next project.   A sweater coat for the girl.   It is fair isle, so hopefully it won’t be as errr…boring.



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11 thoughts on “October 31”

  1. I see how it is. DAD gets a sweater, GIRL CHIP gets a sweater but not little ‘ole me? Oh…wait…I did get a sweater. It was half way knitted and then ripped out and the yarn was given to the neighbor lady. Silly me to forget like that.

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