October 29

Happy Monday Internets


♥  Not much as happened this week.    I vacuumed, clean toilets, swept and folded an inordinate amount of laundry.



♥  This month is Pastor appreciation month, and since the Dad is a pastor I went to his church yesterday to you know…appreciate.   I got to see the parents and the girl got to see her besty  bestie  girl friend.   The mother had me read a letter written by someone else to the church.   I’m always up for doing stuff for the Mother, soooooo   I got up, read it and came to a word that I just don’t say….and I said it… ain’t  The girls laughed.



♥  I am almost finished with Superman’s sweater.   I know that I keep saying this, but this time it is true.   I have about 64 more rows on his sleeve then I can sew it up and be done.   Then I will begin working on this. Only the pattern is so tiny I need Superman vision to read it.   I will go blind making this coat.


♥  The entire time I have been typing this, I have been trying to upload our “random monday” banner, and it won’t.   So your just going to have to imagine an orange rectangle with Random Monday on it.   Deb, I blame you.


♥  The Frankinmonsterstorm thing has brought rain, rain, rain.    Nothing worse than trying to drive on streets that are full of soaked leaves.  Soaked leaves are slippery especially when you try to suddenly apply your brakes.


♥  I heart cereal.   But I hate it when it gets soggy, so I pour myself a bowl, dump out half and add milk.  When the first half is gone I add the second half.  That way the cereal doesn’t get soggy.   I’m smart like that.

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5 thoughts on “October 29”

  1. That is an impressive project on your agenda. Wow…good luck with that!
    We would love some rain from the storm. I don’t think it’s reaching this far west though.
    I like cereal but only as a snack. It does not fill me up enough for breakfast.

  2. I understand, I don’t say ain’t either, but DH and the kids try to get by with it…. just to irritate me. 😀 Can’t wait to see the sweater when it is completed!

  3. You should be able to right click on the banner, click Save Picture As, save it to you computer somewhere, then insert it in your blog as a picture. Or I can email the .jpg file and you can insert it that way. Let me know if those directions don’t help.

    I can’t wait to see this sweater!

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